Fast, fresh, and friendly. The veggies are more robust than anything I've had from other Chinese places.
Excellent food and perfect service.
Was craving Chinese. Got "fusion". Nothing here is classic chinese. It was just okay like several previous meals here. My issues are: Beef, pork and chicken is soft and slippery (from a tenderizer?) and coated with flour or cornstarch, and appears to be pre-cooked for many dishes. If you expect breast meat, better specify. Fried rice seems to be prepared by tossing a few random pre-cooked items together (big chunks of bell peppers, really?) instead of layering flavors item by item in a hot Wok and actually scrambling the egg in the fried rice at the last moment with green onion. What did I expect? It's Ojai, not Chinatown.
Any questions please call us.